Apartment at Tøyen in Oslo, Norway

Apartment at Tøyen in Oslo, Norway

It is my 3rd day in Oslo and the sun has finally decided to show itself. Heavy snow from last two days of -5°C weather, has melted away revealing the true colours of my neighbourhood.

This is my first time living in silo. I have been travelling for the last year and have always either been living off the kindness of friends and the Couchsurfing community, or cramped into dormitory rooms in hostels all over Turkey and Europe. Back home in Singapore, we mostly live with our parents and siblings till we decide to get married and start families of our own. To be honest, who wants to pay rent when you can have a home for free? So I'm embarrassed to admit, that in my 30 years of living, this is the first time I am completely on my own. Where I come from, solitude and independence is a precious commodity. 

So even though I am nervous and wrecked with the insecurity, I'm going to take a deep breath and savour this moment.

The life I am trying to design — it starts now.